By: Kamui

By: Kamui

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Hidemi Matsuzuka, part of the marketing team at Square Enix, has advertised on their Facebook page a few Keyblade keychains that are in production. The Keyblades include the Fenrir Keyblade, the Sleeping Lion, and the Ultima Weapon, all from Kingdom Hearts II.

Thanks to , we have learnt that these Keychains will go on sale in December and will be ¥1900 each. More details are available on cafereo!


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New Kingdom Hearts II Play Arts Kai release date announced

After being revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 and finished recently, we now finally have a release date for the new Kingdom Hearts II Play Arts Kai figures. The new Kingdom Hearts II Play Arts Kai figures of Sora and dual-wielding Roxas will be released in Japan on November 29, 2014. You can view new photos of them above.

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Kingdom Hearts II Play Arts Kai release date & new images

Last week, Square Enix Product Manager Hidemi Matsuzuka showed off new images of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts II Sora & Roxas Play Arts Kai figures, and now we finally have a release date and price for these figures in Japan! Eager fans will be able to obtain these upcoming Play Arts Kai figures on November 29th for 8,800 Yen ($88 USD).

We also have more images of the figures and links to where you can order your very own Sora or Roxas on our website! 

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I promise.

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Vincent Valentine. Ex-Turk, and subject of the notorious Project Chaos. Holder of the Protomateria. Armed and dangerous, to be considered a threat at all times, even when low-profile. Chosen weapon is the triple-barrel, semi-automatic handgun dubbed “Cerberus.” Skillset is wide: proficient in hand-to-hand combat, crowd control, espionage, reconnaissance, and crisis containment. One of the Heroes of Midgar. Liquidation would result in problematic public reaction.

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